Juli 19, 2009


Posted in Sehen um 7:03 pm von deadra

I just watched the first episode of Supernatural. (Speaking of which – abstrakt? This ought to be a show for you.)

It’s not the ghosts and demons that scare me (although they are scary***…), it’s the almost irresistible urge to play the airguitar to old AC DC tunes *shudders*

*** And wow, Sarah Shahi is pretty. Even when she’s scary. And dead. Soooo pretty.


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  1. kalafudra said,


    I’m just picturing you playing the airguitar while watching Supernatural. An image for the gods.

    Anyways. Mysogyny? What do you think?

    • deadra said,


      Re: Mysogyny…I haven’t seen enough of it, yet (because torrent doesn’t like me very much, lately). But I already told you…in terms of the larger story, I don’t see anything that doesn’t have a somewhat reasonable explanation from within the story itself.

  2. abstrakt said,

    I’ve only seen the last few minutes of one episode, so far. They were taped on a video when I was recording something else (can’t remember what, though, that was some while ago). I think I wasn’t too impressed, but I guess what I saw was just too little and too out-of-context.
    Is it just scary, or is it funny as well (intended or unintended)?

    • deadra said,

      I can bring season one to Vienna if you like.

      It’s can be pretty scary, but the episodes are only 40 minutes long, so it’s never unbearable. The longer story-arcs are just plain evil, though. The writers *hate* those brothers, there’s no other explanation.

      And they are intentionally funny. I like the way the brothers are always ribbing each other, Dean trying to get laid is always fun (Dean in general tends to be very, very funny in a sarcastic, deadpan way) and the pop culture references are great.

  3. abstrakt said,

    Sounds good. Speaking of which, when are you coming to Vienna?

    • deadra said,

      Next week.

      Kalafudra and I have a Harry Potter-marathon planned.
      We could meet after that (even though we’ll probably be even crazier than normal), or before that, or you could join us.

      I’d definitely like to see you :)

  4. abstrakt said,

    Just holler when you get here. ;) It feels like we haven’t met in ages…
    Since I still haven’t read a single Harry Potter book, nor seen the films, I’d prefer to meet you before or after your marathon. I wouldn’t want to see the movies before having read the books. Apart from that, even the idea of watching 5 movies on DVD consecutively and then a 6th one in the cinema is pretty crazy (and therefore fits the two of you perfectly :P). You’d probably have to start at 10 in the morning in order to catch the latest showing in the evening. ;)
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing you!

    • deadra said,

      Ok….first of all, let me express my shock. You haven’t read the books?!? Not a single one?!? How DARE you resist the peer pressure?

      Anyway. We aren’t going to watch all of them in one day, because 1-5 on DVD last exactly 12 hours. Even starting at 10 we’d be too late for the latest screening.
      Besides, we’d need a medic with lots of Heparin on standby, and since you don’t want to see the films…*sigh*
      Naw…we’re going to do this over two days. Not so much because we lack the crazy…but we don’t want to get up so early.

      I’ll definitely be in touch :)

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