Juli 10, 2009


Posted in Erleben um 2:45 pm von deadra

I came across this site via CakeWrecks (you guys know CakeWrecks, right? because you really should), and I browsed it for a bit.

I found this shirt that would be great for Kalafudra.

And this glass for L.

And this shirt for myself.

And then, there’s the bonus poster in honour of yesterday’s festivities in Pamplona.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    But I don’t wanna be done with him!

    Though the T-Shirt: definitely awesome. Very awesome.

    • deadra said,

      Just professionally. I don’t think you need to work with him ever again.
      (And really, would you want to? That guy probably butters his morning toast in a Really. Intense. Way. *shudder*)

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