Juli 9, 2009

False Hope Sucks

Posted in Erleben um 8:11 am von deadra

[This post was written Wednesday afternoon. I have no idea why WordPress didn’t publish it. Anyway, I’m just leaving it as it is. Maybe posting works this time.]

When I have to wait for something a long time, I try to distract myself. Sometimes that even works.
With the new season of Torchwood, it worked so well I even forgot the exact airdates of „Children of the Earth“. Until five minutes ago.

Because five minutes ago, I got it into my stupid head to go to the BBC Homepage and find out the exact date, because I knew it was supposed to be July, and I figured I’d start to get ready for the wonderfulness…or something.

As it turns out, it’s this week. This week is Torchwood-Week. I saw this and hyperventilated a bit. Then I may have made some embarrassing squee-ing sounds that I will absolutely deny until my dying day. Then I did a happydance, fetched my earphones and clicked on iPlayer to watch Monday’s and Tuesday’s episodes online.

And then I got THE MESSAGE OF DOOM: „BBC iVideo is currently only available in the UK“. Can you imagine? Just because I haven’t paid their license fees in …er…three or four years, they have stopped giving me free stuff! My sense of entitlement is bruised. And my hopes are crushed. Crushed, I tell you!!!

Because now I have to wait until at least the end of next week, which is the earliest possible date I can get my hands on the newly minted DVDs. And until then I have all those crushed hopes to deal with. The debris is weighing down my fragile soul.


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