Juli 3, 2009


Posted in Erleben um 8:47 pm von deadra

Soooo, today I browsed YouTube a bit and watched trailers for some quirky little movies that look very interesting.

Then I made the mistake of going back to this thread on Shakesville. It’s amazing how much time can be spent hurling stuff at wobbly buildings (Seriously…try it, but be warned!!!). And some of the other thingies are great, as well. There’s a Steampunk Jump and Run, and a tricky point-and-click adventure, and riddles that I’m too stupid for, and a whole site of ridiculously beautiful and/or cute minigames that made me grin uncontrollably before they crushed me with guilt because I had just killed Bambi (*sobs*).

And then, just to come full circle with the topics of my day, I found a subway-style map of the 250 best movies as voted for by Imdb-users. Different genres are different lines. But the number of „stations“ I have „visited“ (73) is pretty pathetic, I’m afraid.

<snark> Oh what a productive day I’ve had! </snark>


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  1. kalafudra said,

    73 really is pathetic. I thought I was bad, but I get to 110… tsk tsk tsk.

    • deadra said,

      Well I get more if I add the ones that I know *about*/have seen bits of…but that wouldn’t be totally honest. I’ll count the ones I actually want to see tomorrow…but there are some that don’t interest me in the least (*cough*RagingBull*cough*) I’m not too bothered by that. Canons happen to other people ^^

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  3. die andere l. said,

    The requested URL /2009/06/25/the-top-250-best-movies-of-all-time-map/ was not found on this server.


  4. die andere l. said,

    huch, jetzt hab ich die liste gefunden. wow. auf platz eins: die verurteilten. auf platz 2&3: godfather. und auf platz 6: schindlers liste.
    nein, ab da muss ich aufhoeren, mir diese liste weiter durchzulesen. das kann ich einfach nicht ernst nehmen..

    • deadra said,

      Die Karte ist weg…und das ganze Blog gleich mit. Sehr mysteriös.

      Aber ich kann sie dir per Mail schicken, wenn du magst :) (Ist bunter als die Liste ^^)

  5. L said,

    look VERY closely for red herring

    any idea?

    • deadra said,

      red herring ?

      This is Zahada, isn’t it? I *told* you I’m too stupid for those. My brain doesn’t work that way.

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