Juli 2, 2009

Is it just me…

Posted in Erleben um 11:29 am von deadra

or does the Times of London love to hate Austria?

It’s the tone that gets to me. That sanctimonious disapproval that gets me riled up every time. They’ve done it before (the Fritzl trial was the last time I looked), and they aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

Just for the record, I think the crack about the „Austrian dream“ was hilarious, because I like my humour black (unlike my coffee).
What isn’t hilarious is him spouting Nazi-bullshit that misses the mark by about a gazillion miles.
Neither is shoving his balls into somebody’s face without their consent.
And don’t even get me started on the homophobia. Urgh.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    What gets to me is that I’m not offended because Brüno is an Austrian, but because he’s a fucking idiot, homophobia, stereotypes and racism included.

    The Nazi Bullshit isn’t that bad in my opinion. Though it’s not very funny, either.

    The Austrian Dream joke was really good though.

  2. deadra said,

    I am actually offended by the fact that he’s supposed to be Austrian, specifically in connection with the Nazi-bullshit.
    There have got to be millions of ways to make fun of Austria’s seriously twisted relationship with the past, but he doesn’t do that. Instead he goes for the „All Austrians are basically Nazis and we’d do it again if we could because we haven’t learned anything, and we are still right, dammit!“-trope the Times is so fond of. That rubs me the wrong way.

  3. L. said,

    I don’t really get the tie between nazi-past and the two dungeon-criminals that the newspaper claims to see.
    …the Austrian dream job joke was very funny, though.

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