Juli 1, 2009

It’s bigger on the inside!

Posted in Erleben um 6:55 pm von deadra

I got this new bag. It’s very, very red. It is so red, in fact, that neither my mother nor my sister managed to get past the redness of it.

But apart from the redness, there’s also the huge-osity.

Here’s what I carried in my bag on my way home today:
–  1 (obligatory) notebook A5
–  1 current calendar A6
–  1 umbrella (-ella, -ella, …)
–  2 pens
–  1 purse
–  1 bottle of water, 750ml
–  1 mp3-player
———– thus concludes what I left the house with ———

furthermore, there were the following additions during the day:
–  1 bottle of green ice tea, 500ml
–  1 soon-to-be-current calendar A6
–  2 pens
–  1 „Mister Tom“ candybar
–  „Die Ameisenzählung“, Daniel Glattauer
–  „Completely Unexpected Tales“, Roald Dahl
–  „An Utterly Impartial History Of Britain“, John O’Farrell
–  3 Kornspitz
–  1 Vintschgerl
–  1 complementary chocolate-chip-cookie I received as a result of walking right into the middle of a staff training in a „Subway“-branch that isn’t even open for business, yet.

Not to mention a couple of coupons, a bus ticket and a mobile phone in the outside pocket.
And I could still close it!!!

I love my red bag of TARDIS-esque dimensions!!!


2 Kommentare »

  1. L said,

    sounds like the perfect bag…
    : o )

  2. kalafudra said,

    Big bags are awesome…

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