Juni 27, 2009


Posted in Sehen um 8:16 pm von deadra

I just saw a preview for „Life on Mars“ on TV.

My first reaction was „Yay! I’ve been meaning to watch that for ages!“, followed almost immediately by „OOOOOH, it’s the Master!!!“. Because my inner geek never sleeps.
But „Life on Mars“ has been a pretty big hit in the UK and the US, so I have to wonder…how many people saw promotional pics for Season 3 of „Doctor Who“ and thought „OOOOOH, it’s Sam Tyler!!!“?

Also? *sings at the top of her lungs (and off key)*

Take a look at the lawman
beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he’ll ever know
he’s in the bestselling show
Is there life on Mars?



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