Juni 23, 2009


Posted in Erleben um 8:52 pm von deadra

…those ego-shooters most of the guys were playing at some point? The ones that most of the girls either watched or joined in, only to be killed within seconds?

They had that litte caption at the bottom, sometimes: „XXX is on a killing spree.“

Well, today, Deadra was on a shopping spree. I feel a need for that, sometimes. Beware, I’m armed with a credit card and I’m not afraid to use it *cackles manically*

I spent a ridiculous amount of money, and what makes it worse is that, technically, I haven’t spent it, yet. That’s the magic of the little, golden card. My bank account has no idea what’s going to hit it at the beginning of the next month. I would feel bad about that. But I don’t want to, because I’ll be getting so much STUFF!!! ^__^

Although…it has to be said. I might have an addicion…er…issue…with shirts. What is it with me and shirts? Why are there always so many pretty ones out there? Why do they throw themselves at me? Why do they whisper „You want me! You need me! You would look so good in me! You can’t possibly live without me!“ in my ears at night? They should do an awareness-raising campaign about that…“SHIRTS – JUST SAY NO!“ (It’s too late for me, but maybe others can be saved.)


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  1. kalafudra said,

    Maybe you can print a shirt. ;)

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