Juni 18, 2009

Living on the ass-end of nowhere…

Posted in Erleben um 9:09 pm von deadra

…can be absolutely hilarious on rare (…and I mean finding a 4-leaf-clover, while watching Halley’s comet, on the way home from posting a jackpot-winning lottery ticket rare) occasions.

Because there’s gossip. And sometimes, gossip is fun.

When it turns out that during the more than 25 years that my mother has been living here, people have been firmly convinced that she’s very active in the church. Like*, going to church every Sunday and being a useful member of the parish. (If anyone who knows my Mum is reading this, they are laughing very hard right now.)
And just to top it off, there was th guy’s reaction when my mother told him that this wasn’t true: „Great! Now I can tell you dirty jokes!!!“ (People who know my Mum just fell off their chairs.)

But now I have to wonder what they say about me. Probably nothing, because I’m not officially here, and haven’t been for 10 years. In my more lucid moments, I am so very relieved about that.

* There! This! This is what happens when I watch MTV for ten minutes. My speech gets infected with The Like (TM). Aaargh.


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  1. marion said,


  2. L said,

    „Like“ TM is what’s missing in German. I like „Like…“ but it sure isn’t a sign of College education.

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