Juni 9, 2009

True Story

Posted in Erleben um 4:47 pm von deadra

I came in to work a bit early today and sat down in the office, hoping to finish my book in relative peace before battling French verbs.

Suddenly, a stressed-looking co-worker comes in, sees me and comes towards me: „How much do you know about World War I ?“

I looked at her, then at Niall Ferguson’s „1914: Why The World Went To War“ in my hands, then back at her: „…Depends?“

She gives me a brilliant smile: „I need you to explain the War to my student.“

Me: „Okaaaay…“

Her: „Great!!! Just make it quick, he has to leave in six minutes.“

Whoever’s making up my life is clearly on some very strange drugs.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    Well, it’s at least more interesting than other lives I know of. :)

    • deadra said,

      Occasionally it is. Mostly not. But I guess on average I do come out above the curve ^^

      Still…out of the six minutes, it took me at least two to get out of IR-graduate-mode…the poor clueless boy hadn’t done anything to deserve my rant on the cataclysmic failure of balance of power politics among the pentarchy.

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