Mai 15, 2009


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Victory is mine!!! I drink from the keg of glory!!! Bring me the finest bagles in all the land!*

…Or rather, get me bagles later. Because it’s almost three in the morning and the mere thought of food just made me nauseous.
But I have accomplished my mission and kept that deadline. And it only took me until now.
Because I’m a Stupid Procrastinator who will apparently never, ever learn.
Because I’m a Stupid Procrastinator who will react to an e-mail stating „You have 3 weeks from today to do X“ with 1 week’s worth of agonizing over whether or not she is even willing to do X and being generally weltschmerz-y, followed by a week of „taking time off because I fucking deserve it even if I don’t really, but I want to, so there!!!“, followed by (almost) another week’s worth of agonizing over what shape X will take and whether she is even capable of doing X.
Because I’m a Stupid Procrastinator whose reaction to the realization of „OMG THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW AND I’M SO SCREWED OMG!!!“ was to watch three episodes of Torchwood, go out for a coffee, go to work, come back, make dinner, eat dinner, watch Law&Order, watch CSI, and read 100+ items from my RSS-feed.
Because I’m a Stupid Procrastinator, as in not merely a professional Procrastinator, but also a FUCKING stupid one.**

But, I did it.

And now the questions in my life are as follows:
Do I sit down and brush up on my Latin grammar because I have two Matura-level tutees tomorrow and can’t remember what an ACI is?
Or do I *finally* write those Blogposts that are overdue already? (The promised ones and the ones I thought I should write because there’s stuff I’d like to rant about)
Or do  I watch more Torchwood?

Guess what I’m going to do? Yeah. More Torchwood.
You know why? Because I’m a Stupid Procrastinator. That’s why.***

* Because no-one does moments of triumph better than Josh Lyman, the dominator of congressional sub-committees. And those of you who don’t get that reference have clearly not spent enough time with me ^_^
** Who apparently overdosed on a heady cocktail of caffeine and self-loathing, washed down with a chaser of hysteria.
*** No Procrastinators, stupid or otherwise, were harmed during the production of this post.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    Congratulations! See, I knew you could make it.

    And by the way: I have to hand in 3 homeworks on monday. Guess how many I have done already! … and yesterday I watched the Fringe season finale and started with the Unusuals.
    This is just to say that procrastination might be the most natural thing in the world. Or at least in my world.


  2. L said,

    good job : )

    Who is Josh Lyman? (Nay, don’t better, I’m hopeless…)

  3. deadra said,

    Josh Lyman (played by Bradley Whitford) is the Deputy White House Chief of Staff in „The West Wing“. If you’d like, I can lend you all seven seasons of it.

    This is the scene I was misquoting:

    and this is the very first scene of the show, just to give you a taste of the brilliance:

  4. L said,

    … I know the westwings series have the potential to completely hook me. I just won’t start. : P Knowing that I just watched the victory is mine scene – I didn’t and will not watch the beginning otherwise I’m doomed.

  5. L said,

    How is the crazy south-eastern General?

  6. deadra said,

    The crazy General is either hiding in a tiny patch of jungle, waiting for the inevitable and keeping his vial of arsenic ready for his grand exit…or he has managed to escape overseas days ago. Nobody knows where he is.

    To be honest, if he isn’t in the jungle, I would lose what little respect I had for him. Because if you order your troops to make a heroic last stand and get slaughtered, then you should at least have the guts to stand with them. Just saying.

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