Mai 14, 2009

Thursday’s Theme

Posted in Themes um 7:30 am von deadra

Not such a great piece of music (although it isn’t awful), but definitely an excellent theme, in that it tells you exactly what the show is going to be like and what it’s going to be about: The District

[In my more whimsical moments, I like to think that the trumpet stands for Chief Mannion, which isn’t something I can explain without explaining the show, which I’m not going to do, so…yeah.]


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  1. kalafudra said,

    I’ve never seen the District.

    And now I never will.

  2. deadra said,

    As I said, the theme let’s you know exactly what you’re in for ^^
    I’ll probably do the opposite next week – one of those misleading beauties that leave you completely unprepared for the show that follows (think M.A.S.H.).

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