Mai 7, 2009

Thursday’s Theme

Posted in Themes um 12:01 am von deadra

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Noir

[Which also happens to be a show I liked, but never got around to watching the end of…so I *still* don’t know how it ends, or what the fuck was going on, really ^^“]


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  1. L said,

    … are you two not supposed to be in Amsterdam? Why blogpost about theme-songs instead about the magical city? (same goes for Kalafudra…). This is not meant to be rude but I just wondered if maybe I could watch some pictures of Amsterdam (and you) and all I get now is a „usual“ post.

    • kalafudra said,

      Prescheduled posts, baby… Amsterdam account will follow. :)

      The theme song is so totally not my thing…

      • deadra said,

        @ L
        What kalafudra said…pre-scheduled posts.

        And you *will* get to see some pictures of Amsterdam…but I didn’t take many (because I’m a bad tourist), so I’ll largely be poaching from the internet and adding my own $0,02.

        @ kalafudra
        We can’t all love the same stuff, can we? But I’d bet you didn’t know this one before I posted it ^^

      • L said,

        what is a pre-scheduled post? you mean, you post yesterday and it appears, like, today? wicked advanced technology stuff. :P
        I’m very much looking forward to reading (and hearing) about Amsterdam.

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