Mai 1, 2009


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„KabelEins“ is doing a Star Trek marathon-ish-thing.
Today, it’s (some of) the best original episodes all morning, followed by a feature about the new film, followed by Star Trek TMP, Star Trek II and Star Trek III – back to back.
I’m assuming more along these lines will follow in the coming days.

I’m almost tempted. Almost.
Except L. made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

And on the balance of „Bad Trekkie“ vs „Friend Who Passed Up The Chance To See L.“ there’s not really a choice to be made.

Besides…what’s worse than Captain Kirk? Yeah, you guessed it: Accidentially duplicated Captain Kirk. Bleh.


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  1. L said,

    *takes deep bow*

    … A. can’t stop with Star Trek on youtube. When staying with him for a while I got to know the funny people called „Ferengi“. I think I’d become obsessive with Star Trek if I didn’t just force myself not to start with it.

  2. deadra said,

    Poor you.

    Speaking as an obsessed person, yes, there is danger in Trek ^^

    I was going to recommend another show to A. … but given his current level of obsession, I think I’ll take pity on you and keep that to myself. Because if he likes the Ferengi, he would absolutely *love* the Centauri.

  3. L said,

    oh my god, Siska is a traitor!

    : P

  4. L said,

    oh, she spells „Ceska“.
    my second episode of star trek…. i understand the fascination.

  5. deadra said,

    Actually, she spells „Seska“. Nevermind…welcome to VOYAGER :)

  6. L said,

    …. I was tired. I watched 4 hours of Star Trek until midnight. Which is more than my little mind can cope with as I’m neither used to staying up late nor to watching TV-series.
    Thank god I didn’t write to my thesis-tutor at this moment of night which seemed like an ingenious plan at that moment… luckily I didn’t in the end.

    At the moment I like Voyager best. Which one is your favorite?

  7. deadra said,

    I should feel sorry for you, because you’ve been dragged into the addictive time-sucking thing that is Trekdom. But somehow… hehe…welcome to the geek side ^^

    Most of the time, I love Voyager, except for much of season 7…and don’t even get me started on the ending. But on my darker days, I love DS9…and on my lighter ones I love TNG…I’m actually that rare species of Trekkie that loves all the shows (even Enterprise), not quite equally, but still.
    And one day, when I have a regular decent income and a place to live with room for lots and lots and lots of shelves, I shall get all things Trek on DVD. (By then, the shows might even be available in Box-Sets that make sense and are affordable…hope springs eternal!)

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