April 8, 2009


Posted in Sehen um 7:19 pm von deadra

I just found this on Cracked – Celebrity Lives in Flowchart Form.

Here’s my personal favourite:


The chart is simplified, of course. They left out all the „Pull Back Jacket To Put Hands On Hips“ in preparation for „Get Filmed at a Heroic Upwards Angle While Staring Whistfully Into The Distance“ (preferably with the setting sun in the background, and on a cliff, and alone). And the „Sigh“, most poingnantly in combination with the sunglass manoeuvre, immediately before „Pull Back Jacket To Put Hands On Hips“ and „Get Filmed at a Heroic Upwards Angle While Staring Whistfully Into The Distance“.  You see, the life of Lt Horatio Caine is much more complicated than his detractors would think. Oh yes. And all that was before he started murdering and assaulting people.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    My personal favourite is Dalí’s chart. There’s craziness for you.

  2. L said,

    He started murdering and assaulting people?
    My good Horatio… I like how he looks and how he does his wistful distance glance. Just like – gsigh – Mulder once did.

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