März 19, 2009

Thursday’s Theme

Posted in Themes um 8:23 pm von deadra

Better late than never – Mission Impossible:

[This theme is from the 5th season of the original show. Apart from being smart and generally great television, this show was also completely free of Tom Cruise. And they get bonus geek-points for having Leonard Nimoy, obviously.]


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  1. kalafudra said,

    You know, I detect a slightly retro theme (no pun intended) with your Thursday Themes. Did you post one that was younger than 30 years?

  2. deadra said,

    Yes. CSI:NY („Teeeeeeeeenaaaaaaage waaaaastelaaaaaand…..“ remember?)
    And Knight Rider is from 1982. So there. And there’s more modern stuff coming up.

    But I happen to think that TV themes used to be better (with a few notable exceptions), mostly because they were actual *themes* or even theme songs, not just preexisting songs that were added to the opening credits. That’s something I can live with, if they’re good songs, but it’s still a bit of a cop-out.

  3. kalafudra said,

    Ah, yes…

    Do you know the Theme Song to Mad Men? because that one’s great. And it’s an actual theme. As is the one for Six Feet Under…

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