März 13, 2009

This Makes My Inner Geek Happy…

Posted in Erleben um 5:40 pm von deadra


[I found this at Ezra Klein’s Blog, illustrating an in-depth dissection of a speech on reforming US financial regulations by a guy I’ve never heard of but assume to be the US Treasury Secretary. Some topics are too boring even for me. Hard to believe, I know.]


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  1. L. said,

    You don’t want a freudian interpretation of that picture, do you? :P

  2. deadra said,

    I think the Freudian interpretation might be related to one of my (more or less unconscious) reasons for posting this.


  3. kalafudra said,

    *lol* love it.

  4. Swen said,

    I love this.

    My desktop wallpaper changes from abstrusegoose.com/122 to this one

  5. deadra said,

    You’re welcome.
    But your alien observer is great, too (although it would be too distracting to have as a wallpaper, methinks).

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