Februar 27, 2009

Just because…

Posted in Erleben um 11:04 pm von deadra

…I like the idea of being part of the backlash against the backlash:

25 Things About Me:

1. I love cookbooks. I read them and imagine what the dishes would taste like, but I rarely actually try out any of the recipes.

2. I don’t like getting my picture taken, let alone be filmed, but I prepared an Oscar Acceptance Speech anyway – just in case.

3. When I recover from an illness, I start to knit, or stitch, or crochet. Once I’m completely healthy, I undo the work and put the stuff away until next time.

4. I used to write short stories and give them to people as presents.

5. When I have to do something I don’t like, I always put it off until the start of the next full hour.

6. I loathe mayonnaise.

7. I always carry a notebook with me and fill it with scribbles, or doodles, and whatever else may come up. Nobody else gets to look at them.

8. I dance when nobody’s watching.

9. When I go to the cinema, I keep the ticket and put it in my pocket or my bag. Sometimes, I find one moths later and the memory puts a smile on my face.

10. When I see a beautiful notebook, I instantly want to buy it because it would be ideal for [insert Unrealistic Scheme Of The Day]. In the end, my attempts at [insert Unrealistic Scheme Of The Day] fall short of my expectations and aren’t worthy of the beautiful notebook. As a result, I have a drawer full of empty, but beautiful, notebooks.

11. I own a black and white poster of Kermit The Frog in Calvin Klein underwear.

12. Some of the books on my bookshelf are there because I plan to read them at some point. Some books are there because I want people to think that I have read them. I’m not sure which ones are which.

13. I can remember the plot of just about every book I’ve ever read and every TV show and film I’ve ever seen, but I can’t remember my best friend’s birthday, because numbers just bounce off my brain.

14. If I miss people, I don’t get in touch with them, because then I’d miss them even more. Instead, I pretend to myself that I’ll see them soon, anyway – especially if that isn’t true.

15. I used to think that the past was black and white.

16. I get confused about which way is left and which way is right. If you ever have to give me directions, please use hand gestures.

17. I think chickens are stupid and vicious. Eating them is my revenge.

18. I’m not a nice person before coffee. I’m also very, very stupid, so communication should be initiated from a safe distance, using one-syllable words.

19. I have no respect for people who use an umbrella when it’s snowing.

20. I used to like staying up until sunrise, so it would be the last thing I saw before I went to sleep.

21. I once practised smoking cigarettes for an hour even though they tasted vile, simply because it bugged me that I couldn’t do it without coughing.

22. If it’s a sport, I don’t enjoy it (eg: athletics, chess, etc.). Ergo, if I do enjoy it (eg: skiing), it can’t possibly be a sport.

23. I talk to people on TV as if they could hear me.

24. I like to be touched, but I’m really particular about who gets to do it.

25. I wanted to study Egyptology, but I figured that I’d need to make a living at some point, so I chose Peace Studies instead.


2 Kommentare »

  1. kalafudra said,

    #25: rofl

  2. marion said,

    #4 ich hab nie eine bekommen:(


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