Februar 6, 2009


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L. tagged me with this one. I shall endeavour to be interesting. But failure is definitely an option.

1. What philosophy appeals most to you? Why?
I don’t know enough about philosophy to answer that question properly. My only source on the topic has been „Sofie’s World“ (which I read at the age of 10). I’m very sorry. I’d blame my own apathy and lack of interest, but blaming Belmonte is so much easier and more satisfying.

2. And which religion? Why?
I have a really hard time shaking off my Catholic upbringing, but I like the Buddhist concept of individual responsibility. The way I understood it, you are perfectly free to do what you like, provided you are willing to accept the consequences. I’m also not averse to the idea of getting several chances, as opposed to having a single chance to fight the unwinnable battle against my own sinful nature before my inevitable descent into hell.

3. What are the three most impressive artworks you have ever seen? Describe what they made you feel like.
I have to start with the one that makes me look like a pretentious snob: The Pietà by Michelangelo
Yes, I’m serious. It was so incredibly sad and beautiful, it brought me to tears.
I once visited a Holocaust museum in a village in Nottinghamshire (so very random, just like myself ^^). It was really well put together, and the tour got progressively more horrible (it was a chronological exhibition). But at the end, we came to some French doors leading out into one of the most beautiful English gardens I’ve ever seen. I walked out there and found a bench beneath a tree to sit. After a few moments, I noticed that there was a briefcase by my feet. It was an unremarkable, battered, old briefcase, made of bronze. It just lay there, as if it had been left by somebody. It was a monument to a Norwegian public servant who forged documents to save several hundred Jews. As monuments go, that one was the most perfect one I’ve ever seen.
And lastly, just to avoid the impression that I only love sculptures, I’d like to mention Vigelandsparken Guernica. I’m not entirely sure whether I saw the original or not – it was in the Kunstforum in Vienna – but I don’t really care. Not only is it so huge it’s hard to look away. It’s also busy and chaotic and crammed full of horrible, disturbing stuff. It’s like all of Goya’s black drawings (I think that’s what they were called) put together in one modern punch in the gut.

4. Your three favourite scenes in a book?
Ah, at last, the question that ruins my self-image as an almost serious person ^^
This is really difficult, so I’ll just list three of those favourite scenes that I can think of right this second. There may or may not be a correlation with what I’ve read lately…
The scene(s) with Barabas in „The Somnambulist“ by Jonathan Barnes. (If this book isn’t on your „Must Read“-list, yet, you have to put it there. NOW!)
The scene in „UnLunDun“ (China Mieville) when the girls meet Curdle. (Awwwwwwwwwww!!! Also, see above parenthesis.)
The entire book „Thud!“ (Terry Pratchett), but especially: „Who watches the watchmen?“ – „I do.“ (This one should be a Must, too, but I’m willing to be lenient, since Pratchett isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and starting towards the end of a series would be weird.)


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  1. kalafudra said,

    I’m glad you liked UnLunDun.
    Btw, just bought the Somnambulist, so you don’t have to bring it the next time to come to Vienna.

    I’ll do this meme as soon as I can. As I’ll spend the next week in Katzelsdorf, that’s probably gonna be the 16th, though.

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