Dezember 16, 2008

Gift Meme

Posted in Erleben um 10:24 pm von deadra

Since the original post magically disappeared from L’s blog, I’ll just consider myself tagged by kalafudra.

If you could get any five things in the categories below as a present for yourself, no matter the price, what would you chose?

Books / Book Series

The edition of Neverending Story that was in the film
A 1st edition of „Pride and Prejudice“
Adult editions of all Discworld Novels
A proper collection of books with fairy tales from around the world
This also pretty much the entire Library of America catalogue

Movies / TV Shows

Stargate SG-1 (Seasons 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9), Stargate Atlantis (Seasons 1-3)
Star Trek … all of it
The Original Star Wars Trilogy
The Complete Doctor Who
(Yes, I am a shameless geek. How did you guess?)


(I can only think of three for this one)
a lifetime’s supply of notebooks
a comfortable writing pen with lapislazuli casing
a personalised sigil

Cultural Things

A season ticket for the Royal Shakespeare Company
A trip to Hay Festival
A trip to Sundance
One of those interactive viewings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (or The Sound of Music)
A Neil Gaiman short story written for me


3 Kommentare »

  1. kalafudra said,

    A season ticket for the Royal Shakespeare Company

    nice… but how about a ticket for life? :)

  2. deadra said,

    Excellent point.

  3. L said,

    Your answers to this meme are interesting. Mine weren’t. This is why the meme disappeared from my blog.

    — by the way, what happened to your shisha? (I’m guessing: cat)

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