Juni 24, 2008

Noch ein Meme

Posted in Erleben um 6:58 pm von deadra

thnx kalafudra

… happiness?

Beats me.

… pain?

It feels so good when it stops.

… fear?

…Fear is just there. It’s great when the adrenaline rush hits you, and annoying when it freezes you on the spot. Sometimes it’s useful, sometimes it’s a damn nuisance. Depends.


I crave it. I need a constant background buzz of music (or at least some form of pleasant noise), except when I’m asleep. If I don’t have music from outside, I get tunes in my head…and it sucks to have a bad tune on your mind all day.

Do you like being alone?

Yes, and no. I like being alone with something to do. Books, movies, writing, daydreams,…anything. I don’t like being alone with myself. I also need to have a good balance between being alone and having company, because too much of either makes me crazy.

Do you like being in huge groups?

Let’s see…If it were a huge number of people I like and am comfortable with, I wouldn’t like it because I wouldn’t be able to really spend time with everybody. If it were a mixed group of people I know and strangers, I’d withdraw into the darkest corner and leave at the earliest opportunity. If it were a group of strangers and my role would be defined (e.g. trainer, guide, or whatever), I’d feel uncomfortable. And if my role weren’t defined, I’d just plain hate it. So, do I like being in huge groups? HELL NO!!!

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