Februar 7, 2008


Posted in Lesen um 6:15 pm von deadra

Endlich von Unabhängigen Quellen bestätigt:

Getting chased through a park by a furious bird that will not stop trying to rip your skin off your bones is only funny until it happens to you.

Yes, swans are aggressive as hell. According to this video, the only defense against swan attack is to actually grab the bird by the neck and heave it as far as you can while onlookers applaud.

Just like that one girl in history class that you thought was the single most beautiful woman you’d ever seen in your life who you mooned over for months and left little notes for, it turns out swans are now and have always been vicious, mean little motherfuckers who will not hesitate to snap your fingers off one by one for daring to pollute its presence. And then going off to laugh with all their friends about what a huge loser you are.

In Ireland, it is not uncommon for university rowing teams to cancel practice because there is a swan in the river. Rowing teams tend to be composed of men who are built like very large trees. Trees that bench-press Volvos. These men are terrified of swans, probably due to a grizzled old rowing coach, always looking on from the shore, a bill-shaped scar where his left eye used to be.“

Ich habe es schon immer gesagt. Schon immer!!!


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  1. le said,

    Sehr geil geschrieben. Ich liebe Cracked.

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