Januar 15, 2008


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Ich bin normalerweise nicht der größte Fan von „Butterflies and Wheels“ – zu chaotisch, zu konservativ…
Aber manches können sie:

http://www.butterfliesandwheels.com/euphemisms.php – Political correctness für Fortgeschrittene
http://www.butterfliesandwheels.com/dictionary.php – Dictionary of Fashionable Nonsense…sehr genial.

[Ich kann im Moment nicht linken…WordPress mag mich heute scheinbar nicht…sorry.]


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  1. kalafudra said,

    An explanation is what religion is considered able to provide in areas where science cannot. Religion is able to do this because it does not have to find evidence, subject its explanations to peer review, replicate its ‚findings,‘ avoid contradiction or absurdity or an infinite regress, or in fact check its explanations against any form of reality at all.


  2. le said,

    My favourites from the Fashionable Nonsense:

    Terrible, dreadful, shocking word for a truly appalling way to think. Makes everything separate. That must not be. We are all One. Everything is One.

    A theory describing what occurs when we’re asked to explain our ideas clearly.

    A word to use instead of ‚agree with‘, ‚accept‘, ‚understand‘. ‚Doctors have become more comfortable with alternative medicine‘. This is useful in subtly training us to replace out of date ways of assessing truth-claims such as logic and evidence with the idea of a nice sofa.

    Adjective for someone who insists on disagreeing with me, and goes on disagreeing even after I’ve said how right I am.

    Dialectical biology
    A kind of biology done by people who speak non-standard varieties of English, which are just as good as the standard, no, better, because not so elitist, so the biology is better too.

    God’s favourite toy. Mention when talking about quantum things.

    Brutal, violent intrusion of arbitrary material into the clean innocent heads of children, which should be left empty.

    A thing you want with you.

    Human Gnome Project
    Most likely something to do with genetic engineering. Probably the idea is to create a new race of tiny human beings.

    Human nature
    Fantasy. Fictitious entity, like Santa Claus or the tooth fairy or the free lunch. Humans have no nature, only culture; we can learn to fly, or live in the ocean, or echolocate, or pick things up with our trunks, if we will only concentrate.

    A tool that scientists use to peer at tiny powerless things which are none of their business.

    Opinion Polling Organisations
    Set up to tell people what to think. Apparently it runs in families.

    Schrödinger’s Cat
    Half alive; half undead. A vampire moggy.

    1. Wicked, elitist, narrow-minded member of tiny unelected aristocracy which does not share the beliefs of the great majority of people. „How can metaphysical life [New Age] theories and explanations taken seriously by millions be ignored or excluded by a small group of powerful people called ’scientists‘?“ [Andrew Ross, Strange Weather]
    2. A bourgeois, legitimator of capitalist exploitation. „Science is the ultimate legitimator of bourgeois ideology.“ [Lewontin, Kamin and Rose, Not in our Genes] See Starbucks.
    3. A dull, plodding, unimaginative person who only knows how to count things; a bore; a geek, a nerd, a swot, a grind.

    More attractive than you might think, really.


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