November 19, 2007


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„Most of the sexual manoeuvres in ‚Lust, Caution‘ are in abnormal body positions,“ the report quoted Yu Zao, a deputy director at a women’s hospital in southern Guangdong province, as saying.

„Only women with comparatively flexible bodies that have gymastics or yoga experience are able to perform them. For average people to blindly copy them could lead to unnecessary physical harm,“ Yu said.

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  1. kalafudra said,

    Ja, man muss schon aufpassen. Vielleicht hätte man irgendwo eine Warnung anbringen müssen, wie bei Jackass: „These stunts are performed by professionals. Don’t do this at home!“

  2. […] Jie was just wonderful. Sad and beautiful. And obviously very dangerous, as K. pointed out. It would have deserved all Golden Globes, not getting any was a big […]

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