Oktober 12, 2006


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Hier ein kleiner Auszug von unserem Guru Johan Galtung:

Dear reader, all you need is a strip of paper, say 20cm long and 2cm wide, and a pencil. At the head of the strip you write A, and at the bottom, but on the other side, you write B.  And then recite two wishes over and over again so that in the end you FEEL them:

I want a line, not necessarily a straight one, that connects A and B.
The line mustn’t cross over the edge of the strip.

Your problem takes the form of a contradiction between two goals. You can draw a line from A to B, but it will cross over the edge even if you join the ends so that the strip takes the form of a doughnut: A and B will still be on opposite sides. You can avoid crossing over the edge, but in that case you don’t get from A to B. You can attempt a compromise, going from A almost to the edge, and then, turning the strip over, almost from the edge to B. But in that case you are cheating, as the line does not join up. You can get angry and refuse to draw a line (India), bomb the book (the USA), skip this page, reproach the author as arrogant (Norway) – in short, you can give up. Or you can read on, unless you are one of the people who know about the Möbius strip or have that talent conflict workers need more than anything else: imagination and creativity. You hold the strip in one hand and turn one end over before you join the two ends. A and B are now on the same side – in fact, everything is on the same side. The contradiction has been transcended; it no longer exists. A twist, a transformed doughnut, and the problem is solved.

[Galtung, J. (2004) Transcend & Transform, Pluto Press, London]

Im Moment transzendieren wir also nochhauptsächlich Metaphern ;-)
Aber wenn ER uns im Dezember dann höchstpersönlich beglückt, dann geht’s hoffentlich schon über Papierstreifen hinaus.

Wobei ich gestehen muss, dass ich ganz froh bin, dass die Konfliktsituation aus der Simulation heute nur fiktiv war. Es war auch so bei weitem schon grauslich genug.


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